About Refuelled

Refuelled helps men to maximise their potential and lead happy and fulfilled lives.

Refuelled is a support network for men committed to inner-work, and who recognise their need for help in their development.

Refuelled helps build courage and determination to overcoming limiting factors such as mental health issues, low self-esteem, low motivation, unemployment, relationship difficulties, addiction.

Refuelled helps men to become leaders of themselves and others by creating a positive, safe and nurturing environment in the company of men.

Our Values & Beliefs

Every man is complete from his inception. There is no limitation that can prevent him reaching his true potential. That is not to say he’s reached perfection, but he has what he needs for today’s work.

Every man is of infinite value. He has a unique and significant role to play, and without him the world would be a lesser place. He is a gift to others.

Every man needs others to help him reach his full potential. The journey is to be travelled together. He needs guidance, encouragement and challenge.

Every man’s potential is not the attainment of wealth or status, but a state of being. He is successful because of who he is and not what he does.

Every man is not superior to women, nor are they inferior. They are distinctly different with a unique role to play in society.

Every man is born to be a leader. To lead is to have influence, not control. People follow the example of the mature man.

Every man is welcome regardless of his past, his sexuality, his ethnicity, his skin colour, his disability.

Every man’s experience is true to him and cannot be denied. There is one truth and his is only a perspective of that truth.

Our Founder

Nick Amis

Nick Amis


Nick is married to Tracey and they live in UK. Nick is passionate about helping men to become confident in who they are, and being able to be themselves in all situations.

Nick has many years experience coaching men and leading men’s groups. He brings a unique perspective to men’s work and is a gifted encourager of the ‘possible’.