Stretch Activities


Offer to help with an organised activity as a one-off or regular commitment. It may not be possible to do the volunteering within the week due to the length of the sign up process.

Go Away

Plan a trip away somewhere, preferably overnight and outside the area you live in.

Take a Photo

Go out and take the best photo you can. Theme or topic to be decided by the group.

Play a game

Go out and play a game of pool, darts, skittles with someone else. Group to decide any specifics. Ideally pick an activity that individuals do not usually do.


Climb something. Stairs do not count unless there are 1,000+ of them. Could be a tree, hill, climbing frame, rock face. Group to decide severity of challenge.


Go barefoot paddling in a pond, lake, river or sea.

Fly a plane

Make or buy an aeroplane and fly it.

Perform magic

Learn a magic trick and perform it for someone.

Learn a language

Learn a sentence of at least 3 words in a foreign language.

Draw your family tree

Sketch down your family tree in a single side of A4 going back to at least grandparents.