Stretch Activities


Go barefoot paddling in a pond, lake, river or sea.

Write a poem

Topic or theme to be decided or left open. It is suggested that there is a minimum length of 8 lines.

Make a pie

Make a pie from raw ingredients and cook it. The group may decide on type, size, etc.

Paint a picture

Pictures must be A4 in size and cover at least 80% of the paper. The groups may optionally decide on a theme or topic.


Offer to help with an organised activity as a one-off or regular commitment. It may not be possible to do the volunteering within the week due to the length of the sign up process.

Get a high score

Play any game and get a high score. This could be a personal best or beating other people.

Start a collection

The collection could be decided by the group, for example football cards, or left for individuals to decide.


Knit, crochet or embroider something. Group to decide minimum size, length, etc.

Grow a plant

Plant a seed in a pot or the garden and tend it. Obviously results may not be seen for several weeks.

Draw your family tree

Sketch down your family tree in a single side of A4 going back to at least grandparents.