Stretch Activities

Make a model

This could be an Airfix kit, Lego, or any other type of model.

Paint a picture

Pictures must be A4 in size and cover at least 80% of the paper. The groups may optionally decide on a theme or topic.

Grow a plant

Plant a seed in a pot or the garden and tend it. Obviously results may not be seen for several weeks.

Bake a cake

What is says! Make a cake from ingredients. The group may decide what type of cake and whether it requires any decoration.

Make a pie

Make a pie from raw ingredients and cook it. The group may decide on type, size, etc.

Start a collection

The collection could be decided by the group, for example football cards, or left for individuals to decide.

Sleep Elsewhere

Sleep someone other than in your own bed for one night of the week. It could be the sofa, the floor, another bed in the house, in a tent, shed, etc.


Carve something out of wood. The group may decide a theme or topic or leave it open.

Write a poem

Topic or theme to be decided or left open. It is suggested that there is a minimum length of 8 lines.

Take a class

Sign up for to learn something new. It could be an online course or in-person. The group may decide specific themes or topics if they wish.