The Filling Station

The Filling Station is a conversation led by our Refuelled Coaches that will inspire and equip for your journey to manhood.

Conversations take place online every week and cover a wide range of topics. Below are a few examples of the topics we cover.

Man of purpose

Take control of your day

Men at work

Living without limits

The man of integrity

Take it to the men

The art of relationships

The power of testimony

The Lonely Walk

The Making of the Man

Man of Power

Get Refuelled

Talks are typically 45 minutes and take place on zoom. There’s an opportunity to ask questions and contribute to the discussion, or you can just come and listen, your video on or off is up to you.

Like all our events, what’s shared during our time together is only for those there at the time and is not to be shared with others.

Men are welcome to invite friends and colleagues to any of our Filling Station conversations.


Take a listen…

Simple Steps to Breakthrough Change

Simple Steps to Breakthrough Change

Are you looking for a breakthrough in an area of your life? Perhaps you've tried many different things in order to move yourself forward. In this episode of Filling Station we look at some very simple and easy to implement stategies to achieving major breakthrough in...

How to Stay the Course and Get Success

How to Stay the Course and Get Success

Many men move from venture to venture without ever completing their work. Success eludes them and remains seemingly out of reach. Why does this happen? What's required to stay the course and win the race?

How to Live Abundantly

How to Live Abundantly

When we spend too much time attempting to look after number one, we can find our wellbeing worsening. In this episode we discuss how living a life of abundant generosity can keep us ‘care free’ and enable us to live lightly and freely.

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